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Finished Build

Small Jumbo Model For Joe E.

JM 1.5.28 Small Jumbo

16" Lower Bout
Figured Walnut Body
Sitka Spruce Top
Ebony Fretboard
User Adjustable Tilt Action Mahogany Neck, 26" Scale Length
Maple Binding, Bloodwood Striping

Page 9

(191) 4-Jan-2010
In this picture I am sanding the sides of the guitar to make them as square. level and smooth as possible.  

(192) 4-Jan-2010
The top gets a bit of sanding at this point to smooth everything out and to reduce the thickness of the top around the edges.

(193) 4-Jan-2010
I am preparing to route out the channels for the binding so I set up the router with a block of MDF.

(194) 4-Jan-2010
Here I am using my "Universal Bindalator" to route out the main channel for the binding.

(195) 4-Jan-2010
A close up look at the binding channel.

(196) 4-Jan-2010
To start, the top gets the channel with the same dimensions as the bottom.

(197) 4-Jan-2010
Next I route out a channel for the purfling on the bottom.

(198) 4-Jan-2010
The channel for the purfling on the top is a bit deeper.

(199) 4-Jan-2010
I am laying out the wood binding and purfling in the heeting blanket.

(200) 4-Jan-2010
The wood binding and purfling I will use gets bent in the "Universal Bendalator."

(201) 4-Jan-2010
In this picture I am starting the process of installing the pinstripe purfling on the bottom.

(202) 4-Jan-2010
This is a relatively flexible material, but nonetheless I am careful to make sure that it is fully seated in the channel.

(203) 4-Jan-2010
I finish up where I started.

(204) 4-Jan-2010
Next I install the bloodwood purfling on the top.

(205) 4-Jan-2010
And next comes the herringbone purfling on the top.

(206) 4-Jan-2010
I use cyanoacrylate glue and a little heat to tack the various strips into place.

(207) 4-Jan-2010
I am careful to make sure that there are no gaps between the strips and wood.  I try to leave no gaps.

(208) 4-Jan-2010
Before I can continue I have to route the channels for the neck outline.

(209) 4-Jan-2010
The channels for the purfling that will outline the neck.

(210) 4-Jan-2010
Here I am installing the pinstripes that go on the sides.

(211) 4-Jan-2010
Pinstriping everywhere.

(212) 4-Jan-2010
Here is the first piece of maple binding being installed.

(213) 4-Jan-2010
The bottom binding starts at the back.

(214) 4-Jan-2010
And the two pieces meet in the front.

(215) 4-Jan-2010
I glue the binding down one inch at a time, trying to get a good fit.

(216) 4-Jan-2010
Here I am using a push stick to force the binding into place.  The bendalator gets the binding strips close to the final shape, but I don't want any visible gaps.

(217) 4-Jan-2010
The binding and purfling have been installed.  Everything is a bit proud of the final surface level.

(218) 4-Jan-2010
After going over all of the binding with glue to fill in any voids and to make sure all of the pieces are well secured I start to sand everything flush.

(219) 4-Jan-2010
The top and sides get the same treatment as the bottom.

(220) 4-Jan-2010
In this picture I am setting up to shave the neck outline binding so that the neck will fit with a very narrow gap.  There has to be a gap so the neck can move al a the User Adjustable Tilt Action Neck.

(221) 4-Jan-2010
The neck fits.

(222) 4-Jan-2010
Here I have installed the Cocobolo heal cap.

(223) 4-Jan-2010
A picture of the binding and purfling.

(224) 4-Jan-2010
The end graft.

(225) 4-Jan-2010
Another detail shot.

(226) 4-Jan-2010
I spend a lot of time trying to hide the gaps between the neck and body.

(227) 4-Jan-2010
A picture of the waist and the sound hole.

(228) 4-Jan-2010
A picture of the neck entering the body and the floating fretboard.