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Engineered Bracing System

Portland Guitar Employs an "Engineered Bracing System."

This design produces a top and back with optimal stiffness yet at a significantly reduced mass.  

Falcate Bracing

Falcate means curved and shaped like a sickle.

Modified X Brace
The engineered bracing system is initially a traditional X-brace system with several modifications. This top is from a bass guitar, therefore it has three tone bars and finger bars.

In this image you can see several of the modifications to the traditional X-brace system. The bass side of the X-brace is tapered down to reduce its stiffness. There are braces connecting the heel block directly to the X-braces. The sound hole is supported with a reenforcing ring. And most notably the braces are shaped into I-beams with holes cut out.

The back of the guitar is supported with a spiderweb system of I-beams with holes cut out.