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Finished Build

Small Jumbo Model Cutaway
JMC 1.2.22

Zircote Body
Bearclaw Sitka Spruce Top
Mahogany Neck
Ebony Fretboard
Snakewood Binding and Bridge
User Adjustable Tilt Action Neck
LR Bragg Dual Source Pickup

Page 6

(111) August 11, 2008
In this picture I have routed the guitar rim on a special jig and I am routing out the neck channel.

(112) August 11, 2008
This channel hold all of the hardware that enables the adjustable action neck.

(113) August 11, 2008
I also route out the channel for the end graft.

(114) August 11, 2008
In this picture I have laid out the top getting ready to route out the channel for the rosette.

(115) August 11, 2008
I use a circle cutting router tool to create the channel for the rosette.

(116) August 11, 2008
Here we can see the rosette ready to be glued into the channel I just cut..

(117) August 11, 2008
The rosette I have purchased comes glued onto a cardboard back.  I have placed a clear plastic tape on top of the rosette to keep all of the pieces in place.  I wet the cardboard to loosen up the glue and then carefully pry the rosette up in one piece.

(118) August 11, 2008
I then carefully glue the rosette into the channel making sure all of the pieces line up just right.

(119) August 11, 2008
I then fill in the spaces in the rosette with a black filler.

(120) August 11, 2008
When the filler is dry I sand the top off flat in the drum sander.

(121) August 11, 2008
And then I use the drum sander to dimension the top to about 110 mills.  The thickness of the top will be reduced somewhat during subsequent steps in the build process.

(122) August 11, 2008
And here we see the rosette and the back strip next to each other.