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Finished Build

Small Jumbo Model Cutaway
JMC 1.2.22

Zircote Body
Bearclaw Sitka Spruce Top
Mahogany Neck
Ebony Fretboard
Snakewood Binding and Bridge
User Adjustable Tilt Action Neck
LR Bragg Dual Source Pickup

Page 10

(169) Sept 29, 2008
In this picture I have laid out the fretboard and the headstock on the neck blank to make sure everything fits.

(170) Sept 29, 2008
Here is a close up view of the nut and the binding detail.

(171) Sept 29, 2008
Here we see the fretboard with the frets installed and the neck hardware exposed.

(172) Sept 29, 2008
Now that I have all of the pieces assembled I start the process of shaping the neck.  The first thing I do is thin the neck to dimension.

(173) Sept 29, 2008.
The neck reduced to dimension.

(174) Sept 29, 2008
This is a view of the heal hardware. This hardware is used to adjust the neck angle.

(175) Sept 29, 2008
Now I glue the fretboard to the neck blank.  Lots of clamps.

(176) Sept 29, 2008
A view of the fretboard and headstock glued to the neck blank.

(177) Sept 29, 2008
And after making a lot of sawdust the neck starts to take shape.

(178) Sept 29, 2008
A view of the shaped heal.

(179) Sept 29, 2008
Its really starting to look like a guitar.

(180) Sept 29, 2008
Now that the neck is shaped I start to install the binding.  This is done one strip at a time to make sure that they create a very tight fit.

(181) Sept 29, 2008
A view of the installed binding.

(182) Sept 29, 2008
The reason that I wait to install the binding until after I have shaped the neck is that I want the fit between the heal and the heal channel binding to be as tight I can make it.

(183) Sept 29, 2008
Here I am getting ready to install the heal hardware.

(184) Sept 29, 2008
I return my attention tho the headstock at this point.  I inset the machine washers for effect and function, and for this guitar I include an inset washer outline in ebony.

(185) Sept 29, 2008
Here we see the hardware installed on the headstock.

(186) Sept 29, 2008
And finally I set the Portland Rose.

(187) Sept 29, 2008
Now on to the Bridge.  Here I am using a router and a guide to create a channel for the saddle.

(188) Sept 29, 2008
The bridge must make intimate contact with the shape of the top so I use a piece of sandpaper placed on the top to shape the bottom of the bridge.

(189) Sept 29, 2008
After making a lot of black sawdust I attach some detail binding to the bridge.

(190) Sept 29, 2008
And a view of the heal cap.

(191) Sept 29, 2008
And now I am in the process of filling the pores in the wood, filling any voids, and detailing the instrument preparing it for the finishing process.