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Finished Build

The Sunflower Guitar
Orchestral Model OM 1.7.26

15" Lower Bout Walnut Body,
Engelmann Spruce Top,
Ebony Fretboard
User Adjustable Tilt Action Mahogany Neck,
24.625" Scale Length
Ivoroid Binding
Blue Stained Maple Burl Appointments

Page 4

(82) July 9, 2009
Here I am using the go box again to glue in the Contra-Rosette and the reinforcing  strips on the back.

(83) July 9, 2009
I install buttons like this to fit into a matching hole on the sides to make sure the top and back line up perfectly.

(84) July 9, 2009
Here I am using the form to flue the back on to the sides.

(85) July 9, 2009
A look inside the body with a spreader to force the sides into place.

(86) July 9, 2009
When the guitar comes out of the form I trim the excess off of the bottom.

(87) July 9, 2009
Before I glue on the top I have to install the heel graft.

(88) July 9, 2009
A look at the heel graft.

(89) July 9, 2009
Getting ready to glue the top on.

(90) July 9, 2009
The guitar goes back into the form and the top gets glued on.

(91) July 9, 2009
And I trip the excess off of the top.

(92) July 9, 2009
now that I have a box, I sand the sides so they are smooth.

(93) July 9, 2009
And here we get a look at the rosette and contra-rosette.