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Finished Build

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Page 5

(121) 4-July-2007
 I am cutting slots for the cantilever rods.  Also, in this picture you can see I have installed the neck angle adjusting bolt in the heal of the neck. 

(122) 4-July-2007
Here we see the bare neck ready for the hardware.

(123) 4-July-2007
And here is all of the hardware that goes into the neck.

(124) 4-July-2007
Now the fretboard gets glued on.  This is a process that requires a fair degree of precision, and lots of clamps.

(125) 4-July-2007
And the headstock veneer is glued on.

(126) 4-July-2007
This is a really fun part of the process, shaping the neck.  I get to make lots of sawdust.

(127) 4-July-2007
After the binding is installed on the headstock I install the tuning machines to see how they will look.

(128) 4-July-2007
A few more details and here we go, the guitar is substantially completed.  The bridge needs to be made and installed, but this comes after the finish is applied.

(129) 24-Aug-2007
Kevin has decided to name his guitar 'Brandeen'.  In this picture we can see the inlay I have created for the backside of the headstock.  This inlay is printed backwards on a piece of transparency with the lettering printed clear.  A layer of gold leaf was then applied making the lettering gold.  The inlay is inset and lacquered over during the finishing process.

(130) 24-Aug-2007
The bridge is the last major component to be made.  It is fitted to the top, but will not be attached until the finish is applied and buffed out.

(131) 24-Aug-2007
Hear I am applying finish to the front .

(132) 24-Aug-2007
Applying finish to the back.  When the finish is applied we finally get to see the full beauty of the wood.  All of the grain and figure gets drawn out and contrasted.  This is called getting the pop.  This piece of Koa is really beautiful.  

(133) 24-Aug-2007
Applying finish to the neck.
After the finish is applied and leveled out we have to wait for a week or two for the finish to cure.  As the finish cures it gets harder and will take a high polish.

(134) 15-Sept-2007
To position the bridge correctly I use a template to measure the distance from the nut to the bridge.

(135) 15-Sept-2007
After the finish has dried, cured and been polished to a high gloss it must be very carefully removed where the bridge is attached.

(136) 15-Sept-2007
A few clamps and a little glue and the bridge is attached.  After this the nut and saddle are shaped and the guitar is strung up.  A bit of time is taken for the set up and then we are finished.

(137) 15-Sept-2007

(138) 15-Sept-2007

(139) 15-Sept-2007

(140) 15-Sept-2007

(141) 15-Sept-2007

(142) 15-Sept-2007

(143) 15-Sept-2007
Kevin's Koa Guitar.