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Page 8

( 368 ) 3-June-2013

In this picture I am making the flange that holds the neck adjustment bolt in the heel of the neck. I used the milling machine to accurately drill a hole in the middle of the oak dowel.

( 369 ) 3-June-2013

Since I had everything set up and dialed in I decided to make a bunch of them.

( 370 ) 3-June-2013

Here is the layout of the adjustment hardware. The compression o-ring ensures that there will be no slop in the setup.

( 371 ) 3-June-2013

A bit of glue goes on the flange.

( 372 ) 3-June-2013

And with all of the parts in place I press the flange into the heel.

( 373 ) 3-June-2013

There will be a lot of tension on the flange (it balances the tension of the strings) so I install a set of pins to prevent it from moving. Here I am lining up the drill bit so it will pass through the edge of the flange.

( 374 ) 3-June-2013

Two holes.

( 375 ) 3-June-2013

And a dowel is pressed into place.

( 376 ) 3-June-2013

Now with the neck hardware in place I can mount the neck and and use a couple of shims to center the neck in the heel channel.

( 377 ) 3-June-2013

Now I can measure the width of the heel binding channel.

( 378 ) 3-June-2013

I use the Dremel router to rout the channel for the heel binding.

( 379 ) 3-June-2013


( 380 ) 3-June-2013

And here I am routing the binding channel for the cutaway side.

( 381 ) 3-June-2013


( 382 ) 3-June-2013

Now I start to install the purfling and binding. I start with the b/w/b pin striping. I prefer to install each piece individually to make sure each one is propoerly seated before te next piece is installed.

( 383 ) 3-June-2013


( 384 ) 3-June-2013

I am careful to make sure each piece lies flat as it follows the contour of the channels.

( 385 ) 3-June-2013

I work my way around the body using thin CA glue to glue down the pin striping.

( 386 ) 3-June-2013

Next comes the rope purfling on the top.

( 387 ) 3-June-2013

The rope purfling matches the rosette.

( 388 ) 3-June-2013

The bottom side gets the same treatment as the top.

( 389 ) 3-June-2013

Lots of details with little tiny miter joints.

( 390 ) 3-June-2013

Now with the neck back in place I install the heel binding.

( 391 ) 3-June-2013

A small saw is used to trim the binding flush with the bottom binding channel.

( 392 ) 3-June-2013

I use the bindalator to bend the cutaway binding.

( 393 ) 3-June-2013

And it gets installed in the cutaway section.

( 394 ) 3-June-2013

More details with little tiny miter joints.

( 395 ) 3-June-2013

A look at the binding being installed in the cutaway point.

( 396 ) 3-June-2013

I carefully trim the end of the binding to end at the midpoint of the guitar.

( 397 ) 3-June-2013

And then I install the second half.

( 398 ) 3-June-2013

After the binding is installed it stands proud of the top, so I sand everything flush.

( 399 ) 3-June-2013

The back gets the same treatment as the top.

( 400 ) 3-June-2013

More miter joints.

( 401 ) 3-June-2013

And then the back gets sanded flush along with the sides..

( 402 ) 3-June-2013

Changing directions a bit, here I am grinding the ends of the neck adjustment set screws into little hemispheres.

( 403 ) 3-June-2013


( 404 ) 3-June-2013

These set screws will act as the fulcrum around which the neck will rotate as the neck angle is a changed. The set screws let me adjust the yaw of the neck so I can get the strings to run down the middle of the neck. in the picture you can see all of the heel channel hardware.

( 405 ) 3-June-2013

I am installing brass plugs in the end of the heel that the set screws will rest on. Here I am drilling the holes.

( 406 ) 3-June-2013

The plugs go in a bit proud.

( 407 ) 3-June-2013

And I sand them flush.

( 408 ) 3-June-2013

Changing directions again, I am working on the tuning machine purfling. Here I am drilling out the tuning machine disks.

( 409 ) 3-June-2013

The disks are counter sunk.

( 410 ) 3-June-2013

And I drill the headstock to accept the disks.

( 411 ) 3-June-2013

I clamp everything down as I am drilling the holes to make sure they are properly aligned.

( 412 ) 3-June-2013

When the disks are glued in they stand proud (of course).

( 413 ) 3-June-2013

When they are sanded flush they look much better.

( 414 ) 3-June-2013

Now I have to drill the hole through the headstock.

( 415 ) 3-June-2013


( 416 ) 3-June-2013

And then I get to install the tuning machines for a look see.

( 417 ) 3-June-2013

Next I am going to install the heel cap. To get the angle and depth just right I use this special sanding tool. The sanding block sits on a rosewood plate. As the plate slides back and forth along the back of the guitar the sanding block works on the end of the heel.

( 418 ) 3-June-2013

The result.

( 419 ) 3-June-2013

And then I install the heel cap.

( 420 ) 3-June-2013

A look at the guitar with the neck attached.