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Happy Birthday Joel


How do you make a guitar?

Find a beautiful vivacious wife and make a couple of adorable cuddly children. Ask, "How much is that guitar in the window?" while affecting a deserving wishful attitude right around your birthday.

Then, find a local luthier. Take a few sticks from a couple of different trees. Glue everything together and whittle away everything that doesn't look like a guitar.

Ask anyone close to Joel and you'll find out that his parents, Jerry and Georgia are his ace # 1 fans. Pleased and proud about how well rounded he is in his life, clearly a reflection of them, they are truly both his role models in life...they both bring so much to the table, but in different ways. His Dad really brought out the best in him athletically. And his Mom brought the balance, in appreciating his love of music and art! In so many ways, a true American Hero. And now they are part of a new and unique adventure in Joel's life.

Hi Joel. You and I are going to get to know each other over the next few months as you describe to me your dream guitar and I put my skill and creativity to work building this instrument for you. Please consider me your personal luthier. I am looking forward to meeting you when you return from your trip and finding out what you are looking for in your guitar. This is an instrument that you will be able to pass on to your children and grand children. Truly an instrument for you and yours. As I build this guitar for you I will post pictures to this website and describe what I am doing so you can follow along and share with your friends. Of course, any time you want to drop by the shop you will be more than welcome.

Happy Birthday Joel, and welcome to my shop,